A proud SEMO Alumn, I made my first websites in college while working there for the Center for Teaching in Scholarship and Learning.  I loved supporting teachers by setting up their websites and assisting them with implementing online tools to collect homework, give tests, and manage grades. In my own classes, I honed my skills creating my own website designs.

I worked there for several years, transitioning into a graduate position to finish my Master’s Degree in Secondary Education with a focus on technology.  After graduating, I was hired in the marketing department at SEMO as a web specialist, which was a great fit for me.   I worked on hundreds of semo.edu webpages spanning 5 years, making friends in other departments and having a great time redesigning and creating new web projects for the university.

Wanting to learn more and expand my expertise, I moved outside the university in 2018 for a position at Element 74 as a Project Manager.  Working there gave me an enormous amount of experience and background.

I am extremely excited to offer my services to others while working for myself, and I can’t wait to meet new people and start new projects.  Life is good!

The Fresh Baked Difference

One Employee

One-on-one attention. I’m running a lean business offering competitive prices with low overhead. You will always know who is taking care of you.


Websites are confusing. Unless you know someone, getting help without some kind of sales angle is rare. No hidden charges, no sales schemes here. I only charge for honest work and expertise.

Customer Care

I love helping people. Taking care of my clients is a big part of this business. My technical support background is at your service.

I’m from Cape GIrardeau, Missouri and I love building websites.

I want to build amazing websites, and hopefully make some great relationships along the way. 

If you want to talk about a project, contact me below!